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Steering & Suspension Repair

Has your vehicle started handling differently than usual? It may be a steering or suspension issue.

We often take accurate steering and a smooth journey for granted when it comes to driving - they’re the minimum of what we expect from our vehicles. For this reason, many drivers don’t think about their suspension or steering system until something goes wrong. 

A vehicle’s steering and suspension systems are linked to numerous other components, and if one goes, the rest can quickly follow. You can avoid costly repairs by tackling any issues as they arise with Marshall Automotive.

Wheel alignments and steering and suspension repair

What Does A Steering And Suspension System Do?

Your steering system is responsible for directing your vehicle where you want it to go. It consists of numerous parts, including the steering wheel, rack and pinion, power steering pump, power steering fluid reservoir, and many supportive parts. If any of these parts fail, your car will no longer reliably go in the direction you tell it.

Meanwhile, some suspension components consist of shocks, struts, control arms, coil springs, and sway bars. The purpose of the system is to protect your vehicle from excessive jostling and make the passengers’ ride more comfortable. When your suspension system is damaged, bumps, holes, and uneven surfaces are more likely to throw your car (and you) around the road.

If you suspect there’s an issue with your steering or suspension, don’t delay. Call the team at Marshall Automotive, and we’ll get you back on track.

Suspension services

Trouble-Shooting Steering & Suspension Faults

Some of the signs your steering and suspension systems need to be inspected are subtle, while others are more obvious. If your steering is shaky, unsteady, off-centre, or stiff, it may point to a steering issue. Excessive bouncing, swaying, and inconsistent control during driving and stopping may signal a suspension problem.

Here are the main steering and suspension concerns to keep an eye out for:

Pulling To The Side

Car pulls to either side while driving on a straight.

A Juddery Ride

Car is bouncier than usual, particularly after a bump.

Change In Steering

Steering feels tighter or looser than usual.

Unusual Sounds

Screeches, squeals, or unusual sounds when turning.

Suffering Steering issues? bring your vehicle in

​A complete car service will usually pick up on these issues before they become a problem, but if you notice any of these signs, bring your car into Marshall Automotive

Our team of expert technicians will carry out a full inspection.

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